Hourly or Fixed Price Pricing.

Deciding on whether to go for an hourly or Fixed Price Quote is always a tough question as the time taken for moving is greatly influenced by weather, access at both locations, traffic and delays at settlement time.

Setting aside the above factors in general and hourly rate move works out cheaper on smaller properties and Fixed Price moves work out to be more cost effective on larger properties.

If in doubt feel free to book our free in home survey where your estimator will guide you as to what is the best option for you.



All rates include GST, fuel, tolls and as per our company policy the clock only starts from when we arrive at the front door and stops when we finish at the other end.

No travel time is charged to and from the base within the Sydney Metro area. This is defined as a 45km radius from the city center.


Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Pre-Pack.   2  pre-pack staff $100 per hour.
Relocation 2 men  $120 per hour
Relocation 3 men  $155 per hour

Relocation 4 men $190 per hour.
Relocation 5 men  $225 per hour.

Additional pre-pack staff are $50 per hour and addition removalists are charged at $35 per hour.